LAS UNISON Document Database

Due to the large numbers of documents (such as minutes of meetings we have attended within the service) that we publish on our web site. The London Ambulance Service UNISON Branch has setup a new section called the document database.

You will notice that this section is styled differently from the rest of the web site as this is in fact a stand alone web site of its own. We have done this in order to keep all documents in one place and to make it easier for you to search for particular documents or minutes. It will also be quicker and make it easier for us to publish minutes so we hope to be able to get them on the site much quicker than we currently can.

To browse the minutes and other documents simply use the drop down menu on the right side of each page.

The only documents not currently stored in this section is the Agenda 4 Change archive and current pay negotiations. These items remain on our main website and can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks.

If you have some minutes that should be displayed on this web site then please send an e-mail to the